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York Hiddensee Mjolnir This pendant is based on a Viking Age find from York.

It is very similar to a number of gold pendants probably manufactured in Denmark and found in Hiddensee, Germany, which gives it's name to this type.

The pewter version and is cast and hand finished in Scotland.

Our bronze and silver are cast in England, and hand finished and polished in Scotland. Our silver is hallmarked 925 Sterling in Birmingham.

The gold is plated directly onto one of our finished pewter pieces by specialists in England. The gold is 1 micron thick.

For the gold plated, bronze, or silver versions, please allow us up to 4 weeks to complete your order.

Pewter Weight 28g
Pewter Dimensions 39mm X 45mm
Bronze Weight 29g
Bronze Dimensions 37mm X 43mm
Silver Weight 34.5g
Silver Dimensions 37mm X 43mm
Gold Plated Weight 28.5g
Gold Plated Dimensions 39mm X 45mm