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King Herald Bluetooth's Hammer This is a full size replica of one of the pendants from the Hiddensee hoard that was found in 1873.

The design dates from the tenth century and the original was probably from Denmark.

This piece was found on a very large and ornate necklace that featured ten of these hammers with ornate spacers between the hammers.

It is thought that the original solid gold artifact was a possession of the Danish King Herald Bluetooth around the Tenth Century.

Full size replicas have been made before for museum displays, notably for the Canadian Museum of History, and the local museum in Hiddensee, but this is the first full size replica to be available for general sale.

You can find the replicas of the spacers that where part of the original necklace and complete the look here (link) The pewter version is cast and hand finished in Scotland.

It comes with a length of black waxed cord.

We send finished pewter pieces to specialists in England to do the gold plating for us.

Viking period gold plating was done using mercury. Thankfully, this dangerous process is no longer carried out.

For the gold plated version, please allow us up to 4 weeks to complete your order.

Pewter Weight 77g
Pewter Dimensions 70mm X 70mm
Gold Plated Weight 77.5g
Gold Plated Dimensions 70mm X 70mm