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Perhaps the most recognizable symbol of Norse mythology is the Mjolnir.

This Thor's Hammer is based on an original Viking age one from Romesdal, Denmark.

Our master replica was made by open casting into a soapstone mould (based on a viking age find).

The rough hammer shape was then beaten until flat, and the design was then punched in. The original would have been made in a similar way.

Our silver and bronze is cast in England, and hand finished and polished by us in Scotland. The silver version is hallmarked 925 Sterling Silver.

For the bronze and silver versions, please allow us up to 4 weeks to complete your order

- Measures 1.25 inches tall, by 1.20 inches wide.
- Made of pewter, which is lead-free and safe to wear, bronze, or silver.
- Solid Metal. Not Hollow.
- The backside is flat, with Viking Runes stamped into it.
- An adjustable size neck cord is included.

Pewter Weight 5g
Pewter Dimensions 30mm X 39mm
Bronze Weight 5.5g
Bronze Dimensions 27mm X 30mm
Silver Weight 6.5g
Silver Dimensions 28mm X 30mm