About us

Here at Undrask we seek to bring you the highest quality premium products.

We have been making and selling Hand Made Drinking Horns and Norse Jewelry for years at festivals and events and have recently decided to enter the online world at the requests of many of our pleased customers.

Many of our customers are displeased with companies that have gone into business selling viking themed items purely to "cash in" on the recent popularity of vikings.

Looking at these companies' inventory this does seem to be the case, many of their listings being short and uninspired, basically coming across like "It's a Hammer, buy it already" with little care given to the history and culture that these items come from.

We've been doing this for years and truly care about the history and culture these items represent.

Not only do we care about the ancient culture of the people who made these items thousands of years ago, but we also care about the people of today and donate all of our profits directly to well vetted non-profits of our choice.

We hope you'll join us in celebrating the rich cultural history of Europe and enjoy knowing that when you buy our products that you are supporting non-profits.