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This simple yet beautiful hand-crafted bracelet is a replica of those worn by Viking people for over a thousand years.

These bracelets were sometimes known as Money Rings, and were made of silver and intended to be broken apart into peices in order to pay for goods and services. 

As was common during the Viking Age, these "money bracelets" were often very simple and made with minimal decoration.

This one has circles adorning it, making it reminiscent of a studded Viking shield rim.

Only the finest metal was used in the making of this bracelet. It is made of fine english pewter that is lead free and completely safe to wear.

This bracelet is sized to best fit wrists measuring between 6 and 8 inches in circumference. This is a truly beautiful and unique treasure that will last many lifetimes.

- Finely Polished Silver Pewter.
- For Men or Women to Wear.
- Individually Made.
- Not a Mass-Produced, Factory-Made Item.
- Internal Opening Length (at Widest Point): About 2.6 inches
- Sized to best fit wrists measuring 6 to 8 inches in circumference.

Please note: If you need to adjust the size of this bracelet, you should do so only once, and be sure to warm it up a little before bending it. Running it under some hot water usually works best. Doing this will ensure the long-term integrity of the metal.

Weight 19g
Internal Length/Gap 17cm/3cm