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This beautiful domed Viking Brooch features two bird-like dragons and some masterfully designed segmented lines.

The dragons on this brooch could be representative of Jormungandr.

Or the artwork on this brooch could be representative of the two ravens of Odin, Hugin and Munin.

Due to the artistic style, it could be left open to interpretation.

This brooch is inspired by similar artifacts discovered in Sweden.

Brooches like this were typically worn as a pair, and pinned to clothing with a chain worn dangling between the two brooches.

We are selling these individually in case you don't want to purchase a pair.

This brooch is made of finely polished silver pewter that is lead-free and completely safe to wear.

The pin along the back is made of steel to resist bending or breaking. 

Please note, this is not a cheap mass-produced "made in China" article of jewelry. This is the real deal.

The attention to detail is superb. Perfect for any Viking or Scandinavian attire or fashion style.


- 1 Single Brooch
- Measures
 2.52 x 1.58 inches in size.
- Weighs About 68 grams.
- Heavy steel pin on the back resists bending or breaking.
- High quality. Made with great attention to detail.
- Not made in a factory. Not mass-produced.