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The Slavic peoples of Russia worship a God called Perun who carried a massive axe that caused Thunder and controlled Lightning.

Many people believe that this God is the same as the Northman's God Thor because the Swedish Norsemen who sailed up the Volga river and founded Russia.

These Swedish people were known as the Russ, and their name is where the name Russia came from.

While these Norsemen settled the area they came into contact with the Slavic peoples who lived there and intermarried and blended their cultures.

This led to a Red Headed Thunder God that is almost indistinguishable from Thor save for his local name and his weapon being an axe.

This massive axe conjures the Thunder of Perun and of course the axe was the friend of many a viking!

Axe pendants like this one have been found across Europe lending credence to their widespread popularity.

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