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This horn would look equally at home in the hand of Berserker or a commoner.

These horns have a rustic beauty that pictures can't truly capture.

These horns while polished and smooth, have been left with their natural texture and grain which makes them great looking and the natural texture makes them a feel great in the hand.

Unlike many of our competitors who use unhealthy varnishes to seal their horns we use locally sourced beeswax to seal our horns and make them drink safe.

Each and every horn is hand sealed one at a time and all our horns are hand polished.

We have years of experience making drinking horns, and our horns hold up to frequent use with no problem.

If you are looking for a horn made by people who care about their craft then look no further.

Each horn is crafted from a natural product and as such each horn will have it's own unique character with variances in color, shape, and more so no two will be alike.

Own your own unique piece of historic drinkware today!